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ADD subtracts


Attention deficit disorder provides a cute acronym* that is easy to remember. ADD looks positive–unlike its actual intention, which is negative, victimizing, and debilitating. ADD subtracts. It adds nothing to anyone.

Lack of focus is a natural result of disinterest, mindless labor, nutritional deficits, or preoccupation with thoughts.

  • Disinterest has many sources. Its appearance is especially apparent in school.
  • Mindless labor occurs in abundance. It’s in school, work, and daily drudgery.
  • Nutritional deficits impact focus by challenging brain function, digestive integrity, and cellular development. Nutritional deficits have many sources: over-consumption of sugar or sugar substitutes, sensitivity to food substances, insufficient intake of nutrients, chemically altered foodstuff, and water insufficiency (amount or quality).
  • Preoccupation with thoughts assaults focus from many directions. Internally disruptive thoughts or externally caused mental processing equally strain focus.
    Externally caused distractions are multi-directional: criticism from loved ones or authority figures; disturbing world or local events; drama in the immediate area; emotional feelings about others—happy or sad; traumatic experiences at the mercy of unknown or known people; exposure to information that is disturbing through social media, entertainment, or people; loss; and many others.
    Internally disruptive thoughts are multi-faceted, ranging from criticism based on criticism from others or self-imposed to turmoil from natural aging.

Lack of focus is natural. It doesn’t require a label or medication.

Attention deficit disorder ADD  []  It’s a name with no substance, a name with no social purpose. ADD is negative, victimizing, and debilitating. It adds nothing to anyone. ADD subtracts.

Notes: This information has been spiritually received.

For an understanding of the causes and treatments for the inability to focus, read the blog posts “Attention deficit: a reason to medicate or a natural way of being” and “ADHD and ADD belong in the obsolete archives“. For an understanding of the industries that push ADHD and ADD, read the blog post “People who push ADHD/ADD are…”.

* ADD is an initialism, because the letters are pronounced individually. I used the word acronym, because initialism is not well known.


ADHD and ADD belong in the obsolete archives


In the past, many “cures” were actually detrimental, and they were debunked and abandoned. The same should happen for the ADHD and ADD diagnoses and cures. The phenomenon of ADHD and ADD should be examined, debunked, and abandoned.

Attention deficit is not a disorder and it is not real.

People have always varied in their abilities to focus and absorb information. People haven’t changed, but social structures have, and people struggle to fit into the monotonous, straight-jacketed, and restrictive ways of learning, working and functioning in modern society.

The cures for today’s attention deficit issues are not medication or ADHD/ADD therapies. There are approaches to modern living that can be effective for differing types of attention capabilities:

  • Recognizing that society is the disorder, and not the individuals, is the first step to assisting people with fitting in.
  • Acknowledging that people are meant to move—energetically and frequently—provides incentive to structure days with many opportunities for movement.
  • Encouraging understanding of tasks, commands, and regulations can create atmospheres of learning and productivity that are nourishing to the different types of attention capabilities.
  • Engaging with nature and animals has profound effect on focus and absorption of information. Regular interaction with nature and animals is especially transformative for people who society would label with ADHD or ADD.
  • Sitting for long periods is inappropriate for all people. Scheduling regular breaks into work and study helps focus.
  • Digesting foods that cause allergic or negative reactions intensifies focus inability. Diets that are free of additives and sweeteners are helpful and supportive, improving focus through digestive normalcy.
  • Training to be societally acceptable differs from society to society. The societies that require limited behavior produce people who struggle to participate. Their struggles can be eased by the actions of understanding family members, caregivers, and peers.

ADHD and ADD are symptoms of society. The “healing” of individuals is misguided. The healing belongs to the societies.

Release these misguided diagnoses to the obsolete archives. Let future historians view this period of out-of-control ADHD/ADD diagnoses as another misstep along the way.

Notes: This information has been spiritually received. Know that the crisis of ADHD/ADD drug pushing is felt in the spiritual realm. The drugs cut off the connection of people to their souls. Don’t give children drugs for ADHD and ADD. Don’t take them yourselves. Just, don’t!

For an understanding of the causes and treatments for the inability to focus, read the blog post “Attention deficit: a reason to medicate or a natural way of being”. For an understanding of the industries that push ADHD and ADD, read the blog post “People who push ADHD/ADD are…”.



Down the rabbit hole of ADHD


Life is a strange journey for children who are diagnosed with ADHD. The doctors prescribe stimulants, stimulants and antidepressants, antidepressants and non-stimulants, non-stimulants and digestive medicines (to counteract side effects of the non-stimulants), non-stimulants and caffeinated products, non-stimulants and eye medications (to counteract side effects of the non-stimulants), or other confusing combination of b0dy-altering drugs.

The parents believe the doctors and force the medications on their unprotected children. The children then face life with altered reality and a sense of brokenness.

The journey down is unsettling and deceptive. Personality changes and thought development are stifled, attention is narrowed, and observation abilities are blurred towards unnatural interests. The tumbling down is influenced by chemical reactions that interject their power over natural state of being. Side effects add their vicious reality. The illusion of concentration is dark, darkening the soul of the recipient taking the drugs.

Don’t drug your children to satisfy the ADHD industry! The only ones who profit are the ones who create and push the drugs. The children DO NOT benefit.

Note: This information has been spiritually received. Know that the crisis of ADHD/ADD drug pushing is felt in the spiritual realm. The drugs cut off the connection of people to their souls. Don’t give children drugs for ADHD and ADD. Don’t take them yourselves. Just, don’t!

For an understanding of the causes and treatments for the inability to focus, read the blog post “Attention deficit: a reason to medicate or a natural way of being”. For an understanding of the industries that push ADHD and ADD, read the blog post “People who push ADHD/ADD are…”.



People who push ADHD/ADD are…


  • Wrong
  • Savvy
  • Opportunists
  • Clever
  • Puppets
  • Lacking understanding
  • Overwhelmed
  • Well-meaning
  • Hopeful
  • Afraid to trust their own instincts

People who push ADHD/ADD are…


ADHD and ADD are invented afflictions. People function differently and have different ways of learning and expressing themselves. The categorization of many people into labeled attention dysfunction is wrong for these people and harmful for society.


Business—the attention deficit business—is booming! There are ingested aids (medicines, vitamins, etc.), behavioral aids, and lifestyle products. The attention deficit industry is booming, and savvy business people are able to enter this expanding market and prosper.


There are therapists to diagnose and therapists to advise, therapists to teach the parents and therapists to teach the children, medicines to be dispensed, and “helpful” devices to be sold. ADHD and ADD diagnoses offer opportunities galore to prosper!


With so much opportunity to prosper in the ADHD/ADD markets, clever people continue to find ways to convince people to label, medicate, and underestimate themselves and their loved ones. Each new method signifies a large investment in clever manipulation.


Some of the people who push ADHD and ADD “solutions” are puppets of the industries that create the solutions. The puppets’ roles are to convince people of their own and their loved ones need for help.

Lacking understanding

ADHD and ADD have developed into mainstream concepts, and the rush to medicate, devalue, and change people is done by many who lack understanding about the different learning styles of people.


Daily responsibilities overwhelm many people, and the work to assist those who are unable to fit into the standard environments of learning is additionally overwhelming. When “experts” tell these overwhelmed people to medicate, devalue, or change themselves and their loved ones, they often acquiesce from a lack of information or time.


The ADHD and ADD industry inspires well-meaning people to invest their professional lives into “helping”. Their motivation is unfortunately misguided.


Some of the ADHD/ADD pushers are hopeful for significant financial rewards. Others are hopeful for a piece of the monetary action. The well-meaning pushers are hopeful that their contributions will help.

Afraid to trust their own instincts

The most personal of the pushers are the parents who are afraid to trust their instincts. They know their children are in need of specialized attention, but they are afraid to deviate from the opinions of “experts”.

The rush to push ADHD and ADD

The pushers of ADHD and ADD drive the industry that pronounces people as needing their help. The rush to give people ingested aids, behavioral aids, and lifestyle products in order to function is foolhardy and destructive.

Some of the ingested aids damage internal functioning of the body. Some of them even create emotional and mental imbalances that are then causes for other physical and emotional troubles. All of the aids lessen society’s view of the people who are treated as deficient.

For an understanding of the causes and treatments for the inability to focus, read the blog post “Attention deficit: a reason to medicate or a natural way of being”.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.


Choosing a life partner


With so many marriages ending in divorce and so many others filled with frustration and anger, I decided to ask Spirit about marriage. (Also, my daughter recently married so I have marriage on my mind 🙂 ) Here is the answer I received:

People are meant to pair. The pairing is necessary for support in an uncertain world and for a viable environment for children. Children are more secure in a paired family.

Choosing the person who will be suitable for navigating an uncertain world requires knowing oneself. The partner should be someone who looks at life with similar hopes. Less important are skin color, religious affiliation, and sex appeal; however, devoutly religious people pair better with others who are similarly devout.

The choice of partner requires evaluation of one’s own hopes for the future and the hopes of potential partners. Physical appearance and compatible personalities narrow the choices. The partner who is chosen must make the same evaluations.

Marriage and committed devotion are equally valid in creating pairings. Marriage makes the pairings socially and legally recognized. Committed devotion is different, depending on societal expectations.

When hopes for the future are compatible, the couples can weather crises better. When hopes for the future have no common ground, crises—no matter the size—become obstacles to relationship investment. Each person must be invested in the relationship for it to flourish.

Throughout the togetherness, there will be misunderstandings, kindnesses, celebrations, sadness, expectations missed, expectations met, differences, and comfort. Those who focus on the negative aspects will be unhappy. Those who focus on the positive aspects will be secure.

Pairings that are not based on common hopes occur frequently because of societal pressures and misunderstanding about oneself. These pairings are less compatible, yet they deserve the same efforts to keep them flourishing. Common hopes can be developed over time.

No matter the reasons for pairing, each partner is active in the success or chaos that exists between the partners. Pairings that are forced are difficult to endure. Pairings that are untrue (such as homosexuals marrying heterosexuals or unions based on lies), are debilitating. Pairings are best when there is honesty in the relationships.

Elected and chosen officials

Leadership 3

I have been following the Kavanaugh hearing as well as staying aware of the state of political discourse in the States. I’m a US citizen, but not a US resident, so what happens there doesn’t affect me on a daily basis.

Here is information from Spirit about leadership and the relationship of people to their leaders. I think this information is important to understand.


“(People) must not expect more from their leaders than they do from themselves. THEY MUST NOT EXPECT MORE FROM THEIR LEADERS THAN THEY DO FROM THEMSELVES. Leaders are simply a reflection of the society they lead, no better, no worse. However, leaders must strive to balance themselves, especially when they are tempted by the benefits that come from being leaders.”

— From The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort

Leaders are people who “…pursue public roles when they are motivated by internal desire and strength, communal support, admired role models, peer pressure, or acquisition of power.” from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort. Leaders take on leadership roles for many reasons, and each leader is an individual with individual motivation and individual goals. Leaders should not be lumped into a group nor should they be raised above or lowered below other people.

The people who choose to dedicate their lives to public service are placing themselves in positions of power and ridicule, privilege and expectation of purer behavior. Societal members must remember that these leaders must not be worshipped nor should they be expected to live more simply than others in their society. Each leader must be evaluated on his or her own merits and must live according to societal rules and mores. And each member of society should see himself or herself as a leader who can contribute and influence and bring forth balance in the world.

The elected officials are elected because of the rules the society has developed. Even corruption that is allowed to occur in official agencies is a reflection of the society. People who allow corruption to be part of their society are creating the society they abhor if they don’t work to stop it. Turning a blind eye to the societal troubles is equal to the work done by some elected officials to create them. All are responsible for the state of their society.

Essential tremor—spreading the word!


Essential tremor is medically untreatable. It is an affliction that requires lifestyle changes, not pills or electrodes or blockers. It is an affliction that requires analysis of diet, physical activity, and emotional expression. Essential tremor requires adaptation, awareness, and acceptance.

Essential tremor is a progressive affliction. Its progression can be slowed and its effects can be ignored. The progression slows in the presence of healthful lifestyle. Its effects can be ignored when they have been accepted.

Essential tremor requires compassion and patience. Loved ones who offer compassion and patience create an atmosphere of relaxation that influences tremor intensity. Coworkers who offer understanding and patience create an atmosphere of encouragement that relaxes and supports the essential tremor presentations. Friends and casual acquaintances contribute to the support when they are nonjudgmental and compassionate.

Essential tremor is overly despised. Despising it increases its presentations and progression. Accepting it slows the progression. Despising essential tremor is effort wasted. Despising essential tremor is misdirected energy. The more acceptance, the easier it is to live with. Acceptance opens the door to life lived fully.

Essential tremor has its own timing and seasons. Its appearance is influenced by internal struggles and intensities. Its first appearance is forced by genetics, deficiencies, or extended illness. Its continued appearances are the natural results of its nature.

Essential tremor belongs out in the open. Without shame, essential-tremor people can shake in front of others. It is an affliction that needs to be explained. It does not need to be hidden. It is simply a physical characteristic of some people.

Essential tremor—spread the word—is normal!

For information about living with essential tremor, see these blog posts:

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

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