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“Feelings of resentment infect relationships, self-esteem, and perceptions of society.”

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Today’s section from Descending into War, Descending into Contempt, pp. 30-31:

Casualties of Resentment

Resentment is felt throughout the presence of conflict. Conflict naturally arouses the feelings of resentment, and it feeds the feelings, even after the conflict has resolved or disintegrated. Feelings of resentment infect relationships, self-esteem, and perceptions of society.

The casualties of resentment are many. Some of them are listed here:

  • Stubbornness in negotiations
  • Aggressive speech
  • Feelings of emasculation
  • Acceleration of feelings of despair
  • Hurtful actions
  • Armed confrontations
  • Mistreatment of children
  • Inability to protect children
  • Fractured relationships
  • Covetous view of one’s own possessions
  • Annoyance at the daily interactions with others, even when the interactions are kind
  • Conflict and ill will towards segments of the population
  • Lowered performance of work
  • Envy of friends and close people (family, coworkers, etc.)
  • Rejection of society
  • Escape through numbing substances
  • Investment in destructive thoughts and actions

Resentment casualties hurt. They damage others in many ways and damage the resentful ones with each resentful feeling. Resentment brings on foolish decisions, failed agreements, and pain. The effects of resentment are wide and lasting, and they destroy. From individuals to nations, resentment fosters distancing and grief.

When resentment is felt, the best solution is acknowledgement of the feelings and openness to exploration of solutions. Letting resentment fester is the wrong approach. The right approach is acknowledging resentful feelings, and then evaluating them and rectifying the thinking or the situation.

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