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Animal Awareness: Recognition and Conflict in People

Oblio-post3Dogs recognize dogs that are from their lineage. They recognize them through scent and corresponding stimulation of taste sensors. Dogs from the same lineage will form packs if they are allowed freedom. The pack will provide protection and sustenance to its members. The pack will fight dogs from other lineages and animals that threaten the pack. The pack is “family”.


Buffaloes group by blood ties. They recognize connection through scent and corresponding stimulation of nerve receptors in the nasal cavity. A herd of buffaloes will contain grandparents, parents, and children, if they are allowed to live in freedom. The herd will link to other buffalo herds to search for food together, but they huddle in their family groups when natural disasters prevent escape.


People differ from other animals because their brains allow them to defy natural inclination to protect and group within the biological family. Like buffaloes, people naturally group by blood ties. Like dogs, people recognize lineage. Unlike buffaloes and dogs, people can adapt to live with very different people.

People can overlook the natural tendency to choose sameness and can choose “other” instead. The ability to adapt to general human behaviors enables adaptation to different cultures, traditions, and views. The ability to adapt to other people’s customs and ideas should enable understanding and acceptance of all people, rather than racism and fear.

The desire for ownership is the cause of human conflict. Wanting someone else’s land or possessions or abilities leads to arguments and ruthlessness and wars. Wanting someone else’s partner leads to manipulation and to regrets. Wanting someone else’s reality leads to wrong choices and conflicts.

The desire for ownership will be explored in the seventh book in the Existence-Me Elevated Living book series: Descending into War, Descending into Contempt.

Moving to the beat of the fight



The news is full of stories about threats, bloodshed, and revenge. There are people who are unable to get along with other people, and they drag innocents into their madness. Wars, gang fights, tribal skirmishes, and individual anger explosions—all lead to upheaval and cruelty. Other causes of upheaval and cruelty are incorrect beliefs of superiority and deservedness.

Today, I was thinking about how our lives are so manipulated by the violence and intimidation around us. My thoughts reminded me of a song that ABBA released in 1981 on their album The Visitors named “The Soldiers”. Here is a part from the chorus:

Soldiers write the songs that soldiers sing
The songs that you and I won’t sing
Let’s not look the other way
Taking a chance
‘Cause if the bugler starts to play
We too must dance

And here is the song:


The message from Spiritual Presence: the drive to control is controllable. People are imbued with a desire to possess and to condescend – and – with a sense of justice. These innate, conflicting urges are influenced by family and society. The less control of the desires for more, the less moderation in life and in the world. People can overcome their desires for more by focusing on equality.

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