A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

With Alzheimer’s disorder, the body accesses information that is stored away from the brain.

Information is stored in the body in three places: in the brain, around the pancreas, and by the uterus in women and in the scrotum of men. When brain functioning freezes (because of Alzheimer’s disorder), the body searches for information stored in the areas that do not freeze. Because freezing in the brain is either a slow or a fast process, the body can only move information from the brain to the other storage areas when time allows.

Accessing the non-brain stored information is less direct than accessing the brain-stored information, which causes Alzheimer’s-afflicted people to struggle with recall. An Alzheimer’s-afflicted person who cannot remember new information does not remember because the information was never stored.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

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