A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Medications are such a big part of our healing paradigm that it’s difficult to receive the warning in the blog post “EGC sessions with God: The health effects of the latest technologies” that the latest generation of medications “will cause changes to fundamental functioning in the body”. The warning in that blog post refers to substances that are ingested and injected into the body.

All along, medications have brought healing and side effects. They have prevented medical catastrophes and created new versions of diseases and illnesses. They have superseded the body’s healing capabilities and inactivated many of the body’s healing mechanisms. The good and the bad intertwined in the quest to be pain-free and unencumbered by illness.

Here is advice to protect yourself and your family from the undesirable effects of medications. This information comes from the connection I have with God.

  1. Cultivate your health: sing and dance; invest in friendships and family relationships; sleep enough; pay attention to your body’s signals; smile and let yourself be relaxed; eat nutritious foods and drink simple drinks like water and nature teas.

  2. When illnesses strike, allow your body to initiate healing responses. When pain is felt, breathe deeply to allow the oxygen to assist in relaxing and tranquilizing the painful area. When diseases overtake, use natural healing techniques before turning to medical intervention. When unwellness becomes chronic, examine lifestyle choices and modify them towards well-being. When aging changes your previous abilities, open to the wisdom your body is sharing.

  3. When medical intervention is required, continue to care for your body as if it has temporarily become overwhelmed. Eat the foods that heal, sleep the amount of time that heals, distract yourself with happiness, and let your body communicate with you as much as possible.

So much healing can occur without medical intervention, but we have to educate ourselves about natural healing techniques and we have to listen to our bodies. Medications and medical procedures should be used with wisdom and awareness of their potentials for healing and harming.

Advances in the capabilities to manipulate basic body functioning are large in their ability to seem like answers, when in actuality, they can be instigators of challenges yet to come.

This reaction joins with “Reaction #1 to ‘The health effects of the latest technologies’” to assist with understanding  “EGC sessions with God: The health effects of the latest technologies”.

Comments on: "Reaction #2 to “The health effects of the latest technologies”" (3)

  1. diane friedgut said:

    In guarding our health in a general way re annual checkups or follow ups re health problems, I would like to amend the idea of choosing to first seek the natural path and then seeking a professional medical path, that one does both. Having all the available information should be helpful to making good healthful decisions especially where time is a factor.

    • Thanks for your comment, Diane. As you mention, maintaining health can be done through proactive steps such as annual checkups. When a cold virus invades or a headache begins, the first steps to deal with them can be to evaluate the situation and treat them without medical intervention. For example, a headache might be caused by lack of sleep, dehydration, anxiety, or exposure to air conditioning that is too strong. Rather than take a pain pill, the first steps would be to sleep, drink water, examine the cause of the anxiety, or move from the cold room. The pain pill won’t address the cause of the headache and will only distance the person from the true cause and the body’s ability to communicate. Having all available information means having communication with the body as well as modern medical input.

  2. […] Here ends input from God about the impact of smart gadgets and medication side effects combined with sedentary lifestyle and little exposure to nature. This response relates to the blog posts The health effects of the latest technologies,  Reaction #1, and Reaction #2. […]

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