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Headaches and Migraines—What They Mean, cont.

Migraines and headaches are signs that bodily communications have been ignored, and the body is yelling for attention! The attention needed for migraines differs from the attention needed for headaches, but both are cries for relief. Relief from the medicine cabinet is usually the relief the body doesn’t like, and this “solution” is best saved for last place.

The relief for migraines is discussed in this blog post. Headaches are discussed in the previous post https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2017/06/01/headaches-and-migraines-what-they-mean/


It’s a place that is entered suddenly or in stages, and once entered, it commands attention. Migraineland is experienced by all ages, and it is a way of living that is sometimes passed from generation to generation.

The causes that unleash the reality of Migraineland living are many, and each person lives the reality with individualized distress. Sensitivities to foods or cleansers or sounds can delineate a direction into migraine territory, so that their influence actually initiates a migraine or encourages other migraine activators to initiate migraine domination of the body.

Other migraine activators are: sleep deficiency, seasonal fluctuations, uninterrupted viewing of screens for too long, medications that produce migraine reactions, ignoring the urge to defecate, constipation, contact with poisonous substances, light (natural and artificial), daily encounters with crowded living, abrupt changes in altitude (for example, when climbing a mountain) or speed (for example, when riding a roller coaster), erratic eating, compression of spinal nerve roots in the spinal cord, inactivity of the ileocecal valve in the small intestine, and certain metals. These activators can initiate a migraine or encourage other activators to initiate migraine domination of the body.

A person’s emotional state can also initiate a migraine or encourage other migraine activators to initiate migraine domination of the body. Emotional activators are worry, sorrow, constant suspicious view of others, feeling that overwhelming sense of guilt, self-induced or externally applied pressure, and weariness and sadness from societal tragedies and events that are not directly felt but cause personal anguish.

These emotional activators initiate different types of migraines. Their appearance varies throughout a person’s life, and they prompt migraines when they have emotional control of a person’s thinking. Emotional activators are not easy to see as causes of migraines, but they are very involved in creating Migraineland.

Sometimes a child learns migraine suffering from a parent. Migraines are not genetic, but they live within mimicable behavior and adapt to lifestyle differences. The experience of a migraine is a bonding rite of passage for a parent who unwittingly teaches the child to suffer. Intergenerational suffering in Migrainelands’ clasping grasp and possessiveness belies the differences that create each person’s set of migraine initiators.

To understand migraines demands understanding consequences. Migraines build upon dysfunction in the body. Dysfunction differs in each body so that the migraines differ in presentation, which confuses healing steps.

To heal migraines requires understanding the consequences of choices, limitations, and outlook. Each person suffering with migraines creates a personal Migraineland. To prevent migraines, Migraineland must be squeezed down and not be entered. Closing down Migraineland heals the migraine way of life.

Migraines become a way of life, a way that is off the true path of living. The efforts required to let them go are sometimes confusing, but they bring relief and healing.

Note: Spiritual Presence shares this information so that the path to healing can be understood.

The Head Signals: Migraines


Migraines are the body’s way of signaling for help. They are front-line announcers of distress. A person who ignores other bodily signals will usually get migraines.

Migraines are not genetically transmitted, but they can be learned. A child whose parent experiences migraines on a regular basis learns migraine behavior. That doesn’t mean the child will suffer with migraines, but the child feels the effects in a subtle—or not so subtle—way which transmits migraine behavior as a coping mechanism.

Migraines signal that shutting down is necessary for the body to recoup its equilibrium. The shutting down is a response to lack of sleep or lack of water or too much visual stimulation or too little self-care or irritation by overhead lighting or lighting on the computer or emotional confusion. Improper food intake can contribute to migraines as can seasonal changes. Each person experiences life in a unique-to-me way; therefore, the causes and contributors to migraines are different for each person. There are many more reasons for migraines to occur and my partial list is to give a sense of migraine triggers.

Migraines require care. Dulling them is not care, it is foolhardy. Yes, feeling less pain is better, but it is temporary relief until the next one and the next one and the next one and the next one. Migraines require examination of lifestyle and life choices. Migraines require changing routines and changing lights (if lighting is a cause).

Relief from migraines is worth the investment in removing the migraine causes and contributors. Not only will migraines lessen, but other aspects of health will improve.

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