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Have you ever felt a helping hand when you needed assistance? Have you ever sensed guidance during times of uncertainty? There are beyond-life companions that bind to us, and we can access their help and their hope if we are open.

How to Become Aware of Guidance

Awareness of guidance is different for each person. Someone will feel a “kick in the pants”.  Someone else will feel a “tug at the heart”. Guidance can feel like vibrations throughout the body or gentle touches on the skin or flashes of inspiration. Feeling a sense of security or a gut feeling or opening in the throat or a knock on the head are sensations of guidance. Hearing a soundless voice or tasting a sense of a known substance are other forms of felt guidance. Many other types of awareness occur, and each person can experience one of more of these forms of communication.

How to Learn from Guides

Guidance from beyond is available to all, but because of movement away from nature and away from openness to beyond-human-interactions, many people cannot access guidance.  Guidance from beyond transfers wisdom from those who came before. The wisdom assists with decision-making and action-taking.

Each person learns differently, but there are general guidelines. Awareness of how guidance is transferred is the first step, and each person must ascertain the communication forms for himself/herself. The next step is to determine if you want this help. After that, decide how and when you want to use this communication.

How to Develop Patterns that Increase the Guidance

In general, the more a person is connected to nature, the more easily the connection to beyond happens. By observing nature through the senses, connection to beyond usually increases. Although the connection to nature is not necessary for communication with guides, the connection does assist in developing awareness of guidance.  Increased guidance happens when connection to possibilities is cultivated.

What does it mean to cultivate connection to possibilities? Being attentive to the guidance indicators (kick in the pants, tug at the heart, etc.) cultivates connection to possibilities. Being open to receiving the communications and then using the assistance when it is received builds connection to possibilities. Being accepting of oneself is also a way to increase the guidance.

There are no definitive steps for communicating with beyond-life companions, because each person has a pull towards/push away from such communications that is influential in creating or denying the ability to connect. Openness is the key to possibilities.

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