A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


The previous post “Monitoring Health” (https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/24/monitoring-health/) brings awareness of the tests that should be performed in order to evaluate health.

Here is Test #1.

Test #1: Sensitivity to environmental concerns

The state of the environment directly affects the health of people. People who live in a highly polluted and vegetation-free environment are subjected to damage that can cause physical ailments, but also can cause damage to the soul. People who live in a vegetation-rich area, but are careless in their relationship to their environment, can suffer from damage to their physical and soulful selves too.

Disregard for plant life, water sources, and conditions for animal rearing undermines the grounding of the world and damages physical and intellectual health. Knowingly contributing to abuse of fauna and flora damages people—body and soul.

Here are the questions for the basic test:

  1. Recycle? Yes/No/Partially
  2. Use water judiciously? Yes/No/Sometimes
  3. Use chemical agents for cleaning or insect infestations? Yes/No/Only for insect infestations/Only for cleaning
  4. Support conservation efforts and interested in well-being of trees and plants? Yes/No
  5. Care about animal welfare? Yes, including the animals that I eat/Yes, I care about my pet/Yes, except for animals who disturb my garden/No/Sometimes

There are additional questions; however, these five are a good beginning. Consider your answers and then consider the meaning of each question.

Being sensitive to the environment is good for your health!

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Comments on: "The basic tests for maintaining health, Test #1" (1)

  1. Arlene Even said:

    1. Recycle-yes
    2. Needs improvement but trying to be aware
    3. Not using many chemical agents for cleaning. Use mostly Wholefoods products. Also, try not to use heavy chemicals with bugs-need to discuss with husband.
    4. Not sure I understand requirement here. We try to take care of trees and plants on our property.
    5. Not sure what is required here. Don’t really pay attention to animals we eat as far as once it’s in the supermarket or served in a restaurant. I care for and about my pets. We don’t take care of snakes that we occasionally see in the garden or near our front door. That goes for roaches, wasps, fireants, and mice.

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