A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

painMy ear hurt. It was sore to touch and it felt tender when I touched behind it on my neck. It started hurting after a plane ride, so I thought it was a result of the altitude change or air pressure on the plane.

When the pain continued longer than two weeks, I guessed that the cause was something else. That’s when I turned to Spiritual Presence and asked if I should leave it alone or intervene in its healing. The answer I received was to leave it alone and let my body heal it.

I abided by that answer although I re-asked the question numerous times over the next few weeks. Eventually I got used to the discomfort and felt confident that my body would heal. Two months later, my ear is fine.

The body can usually care for the small aches and pains and invasions by germs. The body is designed to do so, but it requires proper nutrition, restful sleep, and emotional care. When we intervene too early, we weaken the body’s natural ability to heal. When the body is mistrusted to heal itself, it loses its ability to communicate. Sudden pains become frightening and we rush to relieve them without simply breathing deeply and letting the body do its work.

I was raised to seek outside help the moment my body became ill. Learning to value its healing abilities has made me healthier and stronger.

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