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The Healing Attitude


Healing is tricky. It is not available to those who use illness to attain a goal. Many use illness to keep from participating in life. Look at the people you know who are ill and consider the last sentence. It does not apply to all, but to many.

When we are ill, we should take the necessary precautions and mending steps. Mending steps include sleep, hydration, nutrient intake, and positive focus. Staying away from others when contagious. Staying away from temptations. Staying away from activity. Staying away from over-excitement, over-exertion and over-indulgence (not meaning overindulgence of food, rather overindulgence of self-pity or self-over-focus [I’m-too-unwell-to-deal-with-life-and-think-of-others]).

Healing can be quick or languishing depending on our age, attitude, previous physical condition, and determination, and of course, on the healing issue. Feeling determined to be well is very important. Any trace of benefit from the illness or condition can slow the healing process. Even a well meant show of sympathy can slow the healing. Best to heal with as little sympathy as possible. Attitude influences on all levels-physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. A happy attitude greatly enhances healing.

Healing and wellness are possible when we truly want them!


Healing and trusting

painMy ear hurt. It was sore to touch and it felt tender when I touched behind it on my neck. It started hurting after a plane ride, so I thought it was a result of the altitude change or air pressure on the plane.

When the pain continued longer than two weeks, I guessed that the cause was something else. That’s when I turned to Spiritual Presence and asked if I should leave it alone or intervene in its healing. The answer I received was to leave it alone and let my body heal it.

I abided by that answer although I re-asked the question numerous times over the next few weeks. Eventually I got used to the discomfort and felt confident that my body would heal. Two months later, my ear is fine.

The body can usually care for the small aches and pains and invasions by germs. The body is designed to do so, but it requires proper nutrition, restful sleep, and emotional care. When we intervene too early, we weaken the body’s natural ability to heal. When the body is mistrusted to heal itself, it loses its ability to communicate. Sudden pains become frightening and we rush to relieve them without simply breathing deeply and letting the body do its work.

I was raised to seek outside help the moment my body became ill. Learning to value its healing abilities has made me healthier and stronger.

The Spiritual Connection Meridian > Support

Spiritual Connection Meridian

The Spiritual Connection meridian connects people to spirituality. The connection is subtle, but is needed. Connection brings comfort at emotional and physical levels, clarity about choices, awareness of others, and acceptance of change. Connection is desirable.

The two previous posts explained the need for this new meridian: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/11/26/the-spiritual-connection-meridian/ and https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/11/29/the-spiritual-connection-meridian-connection/

(All meridians have mapped pathways of energy. They are associated with organs in the body and with supporting functionality. For example, there are meridians associated with the heart, lungs, stomach, and circulation [among others].)Spiritual Connection Meridian movement

The Spiritual Connection meridian is associated with the appendix. The appendix is called into play when the body needs healing. The appendix is an accessory organ that has resisted explanation. Connection to the spiritual realm is one aspect of appendix functionality. The appendix initiates healing responses when the body’s normal healing functionality is overwhelmed, and these responses can include spiritual self-questioning.

A body that has been dispossessed of its appendix has lessened its ability to heal naturally, but does not lessen its ability to spiritually self-question.

The Spiritual Connection meridian sustains when other meridians are overtaxed. The Spiritual Connection meridian uplifts when self-dislike sets in. The Spiritual Connection meridian releases when confusion overwhelms.

Working with meridians requires training and experience. Working with the Spiritual Connection meridian requires permission. A healer who wants to acquire the knowledge to use the Spiritual Connection meridian must undergo a permission spiritual test. A healer can use the meridian as a healing technique after self-healing has accomplished forgiveness. The Spiritual Connection meridian is effective as a healing technique in the hands of a healer who has forgiven.

The Spiritual Connection Meridian > Connection

Spiritual Connection Meridian

The previous post explained the need for this new meridian: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/11/26/the-spiritual-connection-meridian/

In this post, we’ll look at the meridian’s relationship to energy and religion.

The Spiritual Connection meridian has spiritual energy. Unlike other meridians, it is neither yin nor yang and neither male nor female. The energy of this meridian spirals outwardly from the back fontanel of the intangible opening to spiritual energy. (To rephrase, the skull has a sutured area that is open at birth and closes a short time later. The opening and closing of this area, which is called the back or posterior fontanel, is a physical part of the body. It is also the intangible opening to spiritual energy: communication from the soul to Spiritual Presence occurs here.)

Spiritual Connection Meridian movement

The Spiritual Connection meridian has significance for world religions:

  • In Judaism and Islam, it is connected to God.
  • In Christianity, it is connected to the Holy Trinity.
  • In Hinduism, it is connected to the elements air and aether.
  • In Buddhism, it is connected to the element air.
  • In other religions, the connection is to high sacred sources.

The Spiritual Connection meridian is not connected to the five Chinese elements (fire, earth, metal, wood, or water), but is connected to qi (air and breath).

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Spiritual Connection meridian is only known to me at this point. The time has come to share it, and I am writing about it in hopes that some of you blog readers know healers who would be interested in expanding their healing abilities. The Spiritual Connection meridian is too important to be kept quiet. I must share it.

Thank you.

The Spiritual Connection Meridian

Spiritual Connection Meridian

Connecting to spiritual wisdom was once a natural part of living. When people were attuned to nature and to cycles, they were aware of spiritual involvement in their lives. Scientific discoveries, technological advances, and urbanization distance people from spiritual interest.

The sophistication of society through discoveries and advancements changes living conditions, but not human nature. People need spiritual connection to live fully. A balanced life requires emotional and physical well-being, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual pondering.

Healing through balancing of intangible meridians is the basis of ancient techniques for well-being. The meridians correspond to organs and systems in the body. The meridians balance the corresponding organs and systems when the meridians are utilized. Healing comes from physical and intangible manipulation of the body, and meridians provide direct intangible access to health.

A new meridian has become necessary because of the distancing from spiritual existence. Its necessity is a result of the reliance on science, technology, and rejection of spiritual partnership. This meridian, the Spiritual Connection meridian, is now revealed as a healing balance in a world that has distanced from spiritual energy.

I learned about this meridian from Spiritual Presence when I began my journey into Energy Guidance Complete. I recorded its path and its attributes, and began using it to help people with physical and emotional ailments.

Spiritual Connection Meridian movement


The Spiritual Connection meridian is only known to me at this point. The time has come to share it, and I am writing about it in hopes that some of you blog readers know healers who would be interested in expanding their healing abilities. The Spiritual Connection meridian is too important to be kept quiet. I must share it.

Thank you.



Forgiveness is uplifting. It elevates figuratively and literally. Forgiveness can open a person to soulful living and it can inspire a person to stand taller.

“Give” is placed in the middle of the word. To give hurt feelings a chance to recede or disperse brings momentum for moving on. To give the memories of painful experiences permission to leave or stay buried brings acceptance for the uncertainties in life.

Forgiving circumstances to which we are born is needed. Forgiving natural or man-made disasters that occur is important. Forgiving people is a requirement. Forgiving God is connecting.

Asking for forgiveness is part of living. To other people, yes, but also to animals and vegetation that we have hurt or taken for granted.

Forgiving is uplifting.

Forgiving is being human.

Body talk and the meaning

painA rumble in the tummy? Body talk for hunger, fright, or contentment.

Pain in the lower abdomen? Body talk for “you ate something that wasn’t good for you”,  “you did a movement that you weren’t ready for”, or “you contracted a stomach bug—get to the toilet!” (among other possibilities).

Lightness in the head? Body talk for lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of nourishing food.

Pain the toes? Body talk for “your shoes don’t fit”, “there’s a splinter” or “you have an inflammation in your nose (or mouth or somewhere other than your toes)”.

A pain in one part of the body is often related to that part of the body, but not always.  If the pain in the toes is caused by an inflammation somewhere else in the body, no amount of focus on the toes is going to help until the inflammation is handled. The body is a complete entity, and what happens in one part can have an effect on many other parts.

Whether the cause of pain or irritation is a physical cause or an emotional cause, the body will speak to you.  If you listen and work out the cause, your body will reward you with well-being and reliability. If you ignore the whispers and the shouts, your body may lose its ability to communicate which can lead to many ill effects.

The next time your body calls, aim to listen carefully. You will be grateful in the future.

More about body talk: Body talk and the meaning, part 2

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