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Body Care

Post 126-body massage

That’s me starting a Libra Method spine-balancing treatment. Libra Method is relief for the back through gentle realignment of the spine.

This treatment was developed by my teacher, Daniele Gould, in Israel in the 1980s. I learned about Libra through my personal experiences with back pain. A severe back injury after the birth of one of my children led me to Daniele Gould. Her treatments not only restored my back to its normal functioning state, but they also inspired me to pursue the study of Libra.

The treatment has three stages:

  1. Identifying the sites where the pain originates and realigning displaced bones through customized movements performed by patients, within the limits of their strength and ability, under the constant guiding touch of the Libraist.
  2. Identifying and balancing the muscles that caused the misalignment (more complicated to explain).
  3. Analyzing the causes of muscle failure (trauma, poor posture, misuse, or repetitive use), and when needed, teaching the patient how to avoid recurrence of the problem.

For now, this treatment is only available in Israel. One day, I hope it will be available throughout the world. Libra Method is a gentle, yet powerful holistic way for treating pain in the spine and in joints throughout the body.

EGC comment

If back or neck pain is caused by physical problems, then a physical treatment like Libra can remedy it. If the pain has additional causes such as stress or the joy of complaining, then no physical treatment can completely remedy the problem.

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