A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

(taken from my article “Living in Technicolor” on HealingAnswers.com)

Post 127 technicolor


Life is a multi-colored, multi-dimensional experience. Each person’s life is a portrait that presents the richness and fullness of the life. The more a person experiences, the more colorful the portrait. As explained in “Pond a Connected Existence”:

 “The moments accumulate and produce the picture that is one’s life. Enriching moments are vibrantly colored; valueless moments are dull and unexceptional….The picture that is one’s life has dimensions: smooth in places that are enriched, jagged in places that are unbecoming, two-dimensional in places where a choice was not made. The form of the picture can be SO large, one simply has to choose to be giving and engaged and willing to participate in a well-lived life. Life that is experienced through true living lights the way for others.”

If each person were to think of his or her life as a painting, they might live life differently. The daily routine may seem colorless, but actually it can be very vibrant if the days are filled with many moments of connection.

How can I add color to my life’s portrait?

Each time a person aids another person, cares for a pet or protects the environment, the portrait is colored vividly. Each time a person scorns another person, abuses an animal or destroys the environment, the portrait is painted in lines that are flat and thin. The better the behavior, the more beautiful the portrait.

Does the length of life affect the portrait?

Yes and no. An infant who dies has not yet had time to accumulate a life portrait. A child’s portrait is affected by the caregivers’ treatment. A young adult begins to accumulate texture and vibrancy in the portrait, especially if the life is a positive force. The more experiences a person has, the more chance for a rich and textured portrait. An older person’s portrait has many layers because the longer a person livesת the more chances to make amends and fix past mistakes.

Can I add texture to my life’s portrait?

Texture is added when a person gives kindness, empathy, and trustability. Texture is also added by facing adversity with resolve and action. Even small displays of these qualities develop the texture in the life portrait.

How does connection to nature affect the portrait?

The more a person is connected to nature, the more vivid and varied the colors in the life portrait. Hiking in the hills adds more color than walking around a mall. However, living in nature to avoid other people does not add to the portrait’s texture.

What about creating a connected portrait with my partner?

Each person has a life portrait. There are no duo portraits. Each person’s feelings are his own, actions are his own, and so on so that combining life portraits is not possible. With that said, there is a possibility of similar sections when the love that is displayed between the two is love that is supportive, accommodating, and devoted.


When we consider the effects our lives can have on the community in which we live and on other people, we often think that our contributions are negligible. If we picture our lives as portraits in progress, then perhaps we will realize how much our actions and involvement matter.


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