A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

imbalanced thinkingPhysical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual balance: the guarantee for balanced thinking.

When a person is out of kilter in any of the four components of health (physicality, emotions, intellect, and spiritual component), the imbalance can cause thinking that is faulty and narrow. Just one component being off is enough to skew thinking that is broad and wise.

What can cause imbalanced thinking?

The list is long:

Too little sleep, too much sugar, too little intellectual stimulation, too much distraction, too little striving for understanding, too much emphasis on superficiality, too little movement, too much expectation, too little awareness of oneself, too much distancing, too little deep breathing, too much indulgence, too little willpower, and too much procrastination, (The list is not complete, but it is enough.) Too much of some things and too little of others. Not enough balance.

Letting others decide for us is imbalanced living. Choosing the choices and path of someone else is imbalanced choosing. Watching others be hurt and not defending them is imbalanced behavior.

Screen bean-power

What can balance thinking?

  1. Caring for the body with nourishing foods, intellectual stimulation, movement, music, adequate sleep, and proper hydration.
  2. Caring for the feelings of emotional wellbeing: spending time with others, spending time in nature, spending time with animals, and spending time alone doing nourishing activities.
  3. Caring for the intellect through intellectual stimulation (notice that this requirement appears twice).
  4. Engaging in spiritually uplifting activities, alone and in a group.

A personal calibration

Post 7-bracelet

I, _______________________ (fill in name), am ready for balanced thinking. I recognize that life is not meant to be challenge-free and so I vow to bring balance to my life so that I can live broadly and wisely. I am ready to care for my body, my emotional wellbeing, my intellect, and my spiritual connection. I know that I can change the habits that prevent me from living as I should, which is my true self. I am realistic and know that I can make the changes necessary. I can balance!



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