A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Eating structure

The shape that appears here is not symmetrical like the food pyramid, but it is a more accurate presentation of how people should eat. This shape is useful for studied understanding of food consumption and connections.

In the center, a non-food requirement is presented. The ingestion of food is not the only requirement for nourishing the body; the eating environment and appreciation for the food contribute to optimal digestion and to nourishment of the body, emotions, and processing abilities (processing abilities refer to processing of thoughts, opinions, and creative reasoning).

When food is consumed on the go, in secret, or standing near the fridge, nourishment is lessened. When the food is appreciated and eaten with a sense of gratitude, nourishment is enhanced.

Not present in this structure is the requirement of choice. As stated in Vitality!  How to Create a Life That Is Healthy:

Eating for the sake of keeping the body alive is not a part of life for most people living in modern society. Eating for the sake of the enjoyment of the food is modern society’s take on food. The enjoyment, not the life-giving aspect, is the focus.

Choosing to eat foods that bring healthful existence, choosing to avoid foods that limit, and choosing to consider the needs of the Earth when making food choices are aspects of interactive and heightened living.

The categories in this interesting construction will be explored in the next blog post. They have subcategories according to nutritional impact and environmental impact. Detailed information is presented in Vitality! How to Create a Life That Is Healthy.

Notes: The picture is not beautifully drawn because I have not developed good drawing skills. I drew the shape and structure as I understand it to be from Spiritual Presence. The explanation for the repetition of nuts & seeds will appear in the next blog post.

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