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My rant about…

This post is completely from me and not from Spirit.

I went to an alternative spiritual festival this past weekend and attended a rebirthing session, which I’d never done before. It was a VERY interesting experience, and it brought up strong emotions and thoughts that basically became a rant.

As I entered the rhythm of the session, my first thought was one of anger at my mother for having filled me with medications when I was a child and having fed me extremely unhealthy foods. (When I think back to tastes from my childhood, they include the sweet chalky taste of Kaopectate, a chocolate crunchy medication I don’t remember the name of, alka-seltzer, and cherry cough drops.) She fanatically followed my bowel movements and stomach complaints, and immediately addressed them with medications. I was a sickly kid and spent a lot of time in the company of doctors at their offices or at home visits.

My anger at my mother then moved to the doctors who were her advisors. They’re the ones that advised her how to be a good, caring mother and which drugs to give for which issue, and when to graduate to prescription drugs for a stronger effect. My anger widened to include the marketers of the drugs who convince people of the need for these drugs. Then my anger widened to include the marketers of unhealthy processed foods who convinced my mother that their products were good for children. I had a lot of anger swirling around in my head!

As I moved into a calmer phase of the rebirthing session, I reminded myself how far I’ve moved past that unhealthy phase of my life, and I started to calm down.

But then I started to think about the new phase of life I’ve entered, that of older age, and how so many of the people I know are full force into that phase of going from doctor appointments to blood tests to more invasive tests to appointments with specialists, on and on, and much of that prodding and testing is for chronic issues that conventional medicine doesn’t know how to address. My anger started to grow again!

I’m angry at the medical establishment for convincing people that they don’t have agency over their own health. People who are extremely bright and competent in other areas become like children following the orders of their doctors. (I’m not against conventional medicine for treating issues that alternative therapies can’t treat [like injuries after accidents, separating conjoined twins, etc.]). I’m ranting about conventional medicine’s inability to treat the body as a whole and treat chronic afflictions.

By the end of the rebirthing session, the anger at my mother had receded and I recognized that she was just trying to be a good mother, but had been manipulated by others (or had unintentionally allowed herself to be manipulated). My angry feelings towards the forces that encourage ill health and reliance on medications continued, so I decided to try and release them in this rant.

What do I hope for? For people to rise up and take charge of their health and change their diets when changing the diet will make a difference and change destructive habits (I know, easier said than done) and explore healing therapies beyond the conventional ones. That all applies to me, too. 🙂

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  1. Sounds reasonable enough to me. I’m glad you acknowledged that as Mom’s we just do the best we can. Yours included.

    • What I wrote doesn’t mean that I think my Mom did her best. We all make choices as parents, and I think that cliche that we do the best we can is an excuse and is way overused. I don’t think I did my best, sometimes yes, but sometimes no. The same for my Mom.

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