A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

An inaugural hello! Welcome to Energy Guidance Complete and to a balanced way of living! Energy Guidance Complete is a method of bringing balance to one’s life through work with me, Renee Rothberg. I am able to show people their healing path, their lifestyle corrections, and their larger purpose through my connection to Energy/Presence/God. I receive guidance, which I in turn, give to those who request it. The healing does not come from me; the healing comes through me. A person does not need to believe in a Higher Power for healing to take place. By being open-minded to the possibility of… is enough.

To understand more about the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete, a series of books, the “Existence-Me Elevated Self” books are on their way. See the page “Books“ for information about the first two books.

More to come about living a well-lived life!

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