A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Oblio-post3Today I took my small, sometimes aggressive, male dog, named Oblio, for his morning walk. In my community, there is an area where dogs are walked unleashed. We usually walk early to avoid meeting other male dogs. Today we walked an hour later than usual. The walk was uneventful until I noticed an unattended large dog across the street and I thought he was an unaggressive dog who my dog has made peace with. I noticed Oblio eyeing this dog as well. Suddenly the owner appeared and I realized that the dog across the street is the one who is always tied up and who Oblio dislikes and vice versa. I won’t give all the details, but I managed to attach the leash on Oblio before anything unfortunate happened. They carried on their way and Oblio and I went our way.

After this “almost” event occurred, I noticed the following feelings in my body: overall tightness, quick breathing, queasiness in my stomach, and repeated thoughts about the possible dog fight.

I stopped a moment to receive spiritual assistance and I received the following information about what to do after a small trauma:

  • Notice the physical state of your body.
  • Breathe normally (breaths don’t have to be deep, but should not be quick).
  • Think about how things turned out more-or-less okay.
  • Do movements, like a little victory dance, which will release the bodily tension.

Non-release of trauma-induced reactions can lead to physical pains, anxiety and other negative emotional states, constricted behavior, and overall reduced balance. Release enables balance and better health.

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