A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


“The four components of bodily health are:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional health
  • Intellectual health
  • Spiritual health

Each component is dependent on the other three components to be balanced…The interconnectedness prevents excessive damage to the body through over-exertion or over-excessiveness.

The interconnectedness enables the body to ascend heights—physically (for example, competitors in athletic competitions, workers laboring under tight deadlines, tenders of animals in the wild), emotionally (for example, caregivers of terminally ill people, people who have overcome abuse), intellectually (for example, developers of thought) and spiritually (for example, in meditative focus). The interconnection enables the body to survive depths (for example, captivity, harsh treatment by cruel people, severe weather conditions, internal turmoil caused by internal strife). The components are interconnected by design and intent…

…Fulfilling the requirement of each component to be nourished, secure, and enriched can be achieved when a life is balanced. Balanced in terms of nutritional intake, emotional sustenance, and cerebral stimulation. Spiritual illumination occurs even when the other components are not balanced if the individual or group of individuals is either innately spiritual or is open to spiritual sustenance. The other components require balance at the individual level; spiritual balance can occur at the individual and societal levels. Balance leads to health leads to balance leads to health and so on, circling….

…The four components control responses to illness, serious illness, and suspected illness. Suspected illness is more serious than one would expect because the thoughts ignite protective responses in the physical, emotional, and spiritual components. Serious illness causes protective responses by all four components. These responses inhibit the effects of the illness when the components are functioning properly. When less serious illness strikes, protective responses are initiated at a reduced level…The protective responses match the need when the components of health are balanced. When the components are not balanced, the protective responses are elicited; however, the effect might be lower and might not enable the body to heal itself properly. In general, in modern society most people’s bodies are not balanced and therefore, the reliance on modern medicine is required…

…Changing reality affects the components of health. War, displacement, societal upheaval, familial upheaval, accidents that result in maiming or impaired mental functioning, and natural disasters—these events drastically affect health.  Some people survive these events with perception and sense of self intact; most people do not. The normal responses to difficult events are grief, blame, withdrawal, or incapacitation. To survive unscathed is unusual; to be weak, unpredictable, suspicious, fearful, hurt, sad, cautious, blameful, indecisive, or angry is expected. Minor changes to reality can be unsettling and can cause many of the same reactions. Few people are unaffected by the ebbs of life. One can survive the ebbs more successfully through spiritual and elevated pursuits…

…Knowing what to do to keep healthy is basic required knowledge. Knowing what to eat or how much to drink to stay hydrated are the most obvious keys to good health. Understanding the need and frequency of sleep is required as well. Health is not the villain to be battled or feared; health is the means to meaningful living and ultimate satisfaction with one’s life. Health—physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.”


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