A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Our bodies are constant communicators.


Here’s the message: pain has reasons. Pay attention and care for your body before it rebels.


Here’s the explanation:

Aches, pains, urges, dizziness, and intuition are some of the communication devices. Feelings of satisfaction and comfortable exertion announce states of comfort. Fatigue, turning inwards, and explosions of boiling announce states of upset. Nausea and weakness transmit helplessness. Feelings of myself (no special physical sensations) and unawareness (of other physical sensations) convey self-realization (here, self-realization means being or doing in an absorbed or forced fashion).


Subtle, intimate messages convey alerts for physical, emotional, and unsettled states of the body. The urges to perform daily physical actions start with subtle messages. Slight rumbling in the abdomen calls for attention to needs for nutrition. Urges to urinate and defecate are less subtle after sleep, but are more subtle when attention is focused on other activities. Mild pain in the back or legs conveys the need to move around. Yawning can signal tiredness or disinterest.

Louder messages are conveyed through less subtle means. Gnawing feelings in the abdomen shout for food intake. Leaking or spasming shout for attention to relief from waste materials in the body. Inability to move parts of the body shout for care of the affected body parts and the need to move more. Inability to focus shouts the need to change activities or to sleep.

Ignoring subtle messages can lead to the inability to care for one’s body. The body will actually give up the subtle messaging system and will work in distress mode until relief comes or relief doesn’t come and breakdown begins to occur.

Treating needs of the body with the wrong remedies contribute to the inability of the subtle messaging system to work. Examples: Drinking coffee late at night instead of sleeping upsets the body’s rhythms. Late night shift work after a day of not sleeping shuts down some functioning.

When pain is felt, a pain reliever is not the answer unless the pain reliever involves release of pain through natural or gradual means. Pain relievers that alter the communication between the body and the person are last resort options. The pain means that the body itself fights with itself—self-conflict with no winners. Relieving pain requires listening to the body’s subtle and not-so-subtle messages and relieving the body of its conflicts.

Message: the body is designed to function with proper care. Care for your body, listen to its messages, and go!

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