A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


The flu annoys and disturbs functioning. It sometimes leads to serious illness when the afflicted person has a compromised immune system or ignores the body’s messages to fight the flu virus.

The flu charges the body with force that is hard to stop. Propelled towards openings, flu viruses enter the body with coded instructions to overcome the body’s defenses.

To combat invasion by flu viruses, the body must respond with equal force. The viruses withstand basic defenses. They are overcome only when the body’s defenses are focused and protective.

If the body is busy handling emotional upheaval, is dimmed from too little rest, is stressed from existing illness, or is experiencing anticipation or episodes of fear, flu viruses can prevail. The diminished state of the body cannot withstand the force of the flu viruses.

When a virus enters the body, the defenses give way or rally depending on the state of health and the person’s willingness to care for his or her body. As the body notifies about the flu invasion, care through rest, wise nutrition, and desire to heal are the steps that rally the body’s defenses. Aids such as Vitamin C can help, but only if the other self-care steps are taken as well. Ignoring the body’s miserable state can lead to extended flu with long-lingering secondary effects.

If the body is depleted when the flu virus charges, the intensity of the flu can seem worse than it is. Healing takes longer, but occurs when self-care is good. If the body is depleted and self-care is too little, the body can become very ill. Other germs can invade as well, and the body might require intensive care to heal.

The flu is a serious virus that should be protected against by good nutrition, proper rest, and attention to stresses. If the flu succeeds in beating the body’s defenses, self-care is very important. Our bodies are built to withstand the onslaught of flu viruses, but we must assist them in their constant vigil against illness. Staying well is the best defense!

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Note: These wise words are provided by Spiritual Presence.

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