A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


I’m currently working on a book titled “Invented Afflictions and Movement Conditions”.  One of the invented afflictions is menopause. Here’s the information I’ve received from Spirit about menopause.

Opportunities to medicate abound. One of these opportunities is menopause: nature’s answer to gradual decline in females. Just as puberty changes a young girl’s body and prepares her for menstruation and childbirth, so too a mature woman’s body prepares her for cessation of menstruation and decline.

The change for young girls is no more difficult for the body than the change for mature women. Puberty is accepted with little medical interference, but menopause is not. There are interventions to “ease” the declining stage of life that treat this stage as problematic and requiring of denial.

Menopause brings changes—that is the nature of menopause. These changes have symptoms, but the symptoms are not illnesses that need to be healed. Menopausal symptoms are made worse by seeing them as avoidable nuisances. Pretending that menopause is not happening is contrary to nature.

The main contributor to ease during menopause is acceptance. Accepting that the body is moving to a new stage is balancing. Accepting that there might be fluctuations in body functioning makes the fluctuations less annoying. Accepting that messages, hints, and warnings disguised as menopausal symptoms are a way for the body to communicate, is how menopause should be viewed.

Seeing each symptom-message as information from the body that requires attention, and possibly action, is the catalyst for changing habits or lifestyle choices that upset balance. Identifying each symptom-hint sheds light on minor hormonal or metabolic changes. Responding to symptom-warnings when they occur prevents future illnesses and diseases. Each symptom-message, symptom-hint, and symptom-warning provides information that is important for the post-menopausal body.

Masking symptoms harms. The body is whispering or calling or crying out for attention. Masking the communications is a mistake.

As the body changes, noticing the changes and adjusting lifestyle is the first step to dealing with menopause. Evaluating the lifestyle changes and their effects on the body is the next step. Exploring holistic health practices for menopausal issues that bother is a positive step to living through menopause. Observing the changes and accepting them can bring contentment and joy.

Menopause is simply a phase of life. It can be an exciting time and a surprising time. Aiming for balance through the time before and after menopause is wise.

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