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broken heart

Can a person actually die from a broken heart? Is a broken heart a valid reason to write as the cause of death on a death certificate? Just how broken is a broken heart?

We explored the concept of a broken heart in the post “Heartache is holistic response”. In that post, Spirit shared “Our hearts break when loved ones die or when love is unrequited or when once-in-love is no more.” The post then goes on to discuss healing through turning inwards and listening to the body’s guidance towards healing.

Now Spirit wants us to understand the intensity of a broken heart.

The answers to the three questions are #1 No, #2 Yes, if emotional causes can be listed, and #3 Ceaselessly. A broken heart always leaves scars, some tangible, some emotional.

It appears that the answers to #1 and #2 contradict one another. They are actually the same answer!

A broken heart, no matter the causes, takes time to damage the body. The damage can lead to death, but it’s the damaged body that yields to death, not the broken heart. So the answer to question #1 is No. In cases where a person takes his or her own life because of a broken heart, the agent of death—gun, chemical substance, action—might be selected as the cause of death, but the actual cause is the broken heart that led to giving up on life. So the answer to #2 is Yes.

Question #3, “Just how broken is a broken heart?”, surprises with its eternal answer. Ceaselessly, the broken heart influences future actions and thoughts. Even a broken heart that occurred so many years ago sways the thoughts and actions. We are the sum of our experiences, and the broken heart—healed or not—is a variable in the ongoing equation that expresses each of our lives. The broken heart that has been “healed” influences less than the festering broken heart, yet it still brings influence.

The heart is meant to be broken and healed, because true relationships shift the heart. The heart—the tangible heart and the intangible heart—the duo that govern our lives—is designed to be broken. And the body is designed to heal it!

Note: I continue to receive spiritual wisdom through my heart connection with Spirit!

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