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I’m in recovery from flu. I’ve been absent from my blog, because my mind has been fuzzy and my body weak. Now that I’m feeling stronger and more focused, I’ve turned to Spirit for wisdom about my bout with the flu and about the flu in general. Here’s the wisdom…

Each person who succumbs to flu viruses succumbs in an individual way, because of the person’s physical and emotional lapses of protection. I didn’t succumb to flu because of physical weakness; I lowered my defenses because of emotional agitation. The blog post “Flu Season Do’s and Don’ts” teaches that the emotion, contentment, offers extra protection. Lately, contentment has been replaced by dissatisfaction and despair, so that my body could not protect me when a strong virus invaded. No amount of ginger tea or garlic would have helped me.

When the flu virus took over in my body, it messed with many of the systems in my body, and especially my immune system. After the flu was battled and suppressed by my body’s healing capabilities, the flu left weakness in my spleen, and that is why I am fuzzy and weak, but not coughing or wracked by secondary sinusitis.

Had the flu left its weakening in my lungs, the cough would continue after the flu virus had been suppressed. Had the flu left its weakening in my liver, my digestive functioning would have been sluggish. Had the flu left its weakening in my trigeminal nerve, sinusitis or changed taste perception could have occurred. Had the flu left its weakening in either my choroid plexus (in the brain) or my cerebral sinuses, my sense of balance and blood pressure regulation would have been compromised. Had the flu left its weakening in my pancreas, compromised metabolism would have been produced. Had the flu weakened my vagus nerve and gallbladder, protection from gallstones could be lessened. And had the flu weakened my heart, numerous systems in my body, individually or jointly, would be harmed. There are more resulting health effects from the flu, but the ones listed give an idea of the extent of diversity of flu havoc.

The best way to heal from flu’s weakening effects is to strengthen emotional and physical weaknesses. Emotional and physical weaknesses are equally responsible for flu affliction. Their strengthening are equally responsible for flu healing.

The flu is destructive (see “Flu Destruction: Yes the Flu is Dangerous!”) and its prevention and riddance are worthwhile. Natural healing is best, but allopathic medicine can be an option. (I healed by sleep and more sleep, healing drinks, nutritious foods, retreat from obligations, aromatherapy oils, and rest. Too much coughing strained the muscles in my diaphragm so I took homeopathic arnica. The weakening in my spleen is taking longer to heal, and because of it, emotional healing is requiring my focus.)

Note: These wise words are provided by Spirit. Seek medical care as needed.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, and that you’ve been feeling agitated. Hope you come out stronger when all this is over. Take care!

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