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Throughout history, men and woman have struggled with sexual orientation. Some have been able to live a life that suited their perceptions of themselves, because they lived in societies that were either accepting or they lived outside the confines of their society. Those who struggled to live within their society’s sexual boundaries often suffered from emotional and internal questioning and policing.

Sexual orientation is a DNA-related determination. DNA generally assigns sexual orientation in a standard process: female physicality with female perception, male physicality with male perception. The process can be disrupted or stunted so that the standard male-female perception-physicality are altered.  The changes to DNA occur in utero. (This alteration can also happen to various animal groups.)

Sexual orientation is felt through hormonal input. The hormonal push to be male or female is also standard. The hormones and their development can be rearranged because of external triggers so that behaviors of sexual nature become shifted. (This alteration does not happen to other animals.)

Society is accepting or not accepting of the unstandard. Having unstandard DNA assignment is a fact. Living with it is the norm, but if society is unwilling to be accepting of unstandard DNA assignment, the people who receive homosexual or gender oppositing assignment are forced to live falsely. This type of living is difficult and diminishing.

Some societies are open to the reality of DNA assignment that is not standard. This openness enables living according to DNA assignment, and sometimes allows for additional acceptance of hormonal rearrangements. The societies that create space for the people who feel that their hormonal calls are for exploration of unfamiliar orientation (transgender) are societies that move beyond the ordinary.

The use of medical treatments to enhance transgender orientation is not enhancing to the people who receive it. They may think it will be valuable, but it creates restrictions rather than releases.

Note: This information has been spiritually received and is not based on scientific research.


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