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No Sleep

“Sleep is essential. Sleep is the second-most important need of the body, after water and before food. Sleep must be scheduled and must be regular. Each person’s need of continuous nighttime sleep fluctuates with age, occupation, and location. Each person should understand his or her sleep requirements and be mindful to fulfill them.”

– from “Behavior & Release” in Pond a Connected Existence

“During sleep, the body recharges, repairs, restores, and rethinks. Sleep can make or break us, depending on its quality. Here are general tips for better sleep:

  • Sleeping posture is very important. The spine needs to stretch out so don’t curl up into a ball.
  • Going to sleep hungry or going to sleep too full contribute to less satisfactory sleep. Make sure that you are sufficiently un-hungry before you get into bed. If you are too full, put off sleep for an extra 45 minutes.
  • Going to sleep before handling feelings that are negative (anger, hurt, or annoyance) can lead to unsettled sleep. If you cannot let go of the negative feelings before going to sleep, be sure to stretch your body when you get into bed and point-and-flex your toes for a few moments. Loosening your body in bed can help you release negativity before sleep.
  • The well-known tactic of writing a To-Do list for tomorrow is a wise move. Be sure to write the list at least an hour before bedtime so your mind does not continue to think about your upcoming tasks.
  • The less light in the room, the better. If you can sleep in complete darkness, then your body will be able to handle its restorative work more completely. This tip also applies to children. Night lights are for the parents more than they are for the children.
  • If you wake up in the night, don’t assume you won’t be able to go back to sleep. Assume that you will, and you usually will.
  • If you wake up tired, try going to bed earlier, lessening stimulants (if you use them), and getting more physical exercise.

These tips are generalizations because each person’s sleep issues are personal. Sleep trouble is influenced by lack of balance including incorrect nutrition, lack of exercise, going to sleep troubled, going to sleep scared, using stimulants, noise, convoluted days (working at night and sleeping during the day), too much stimulation close to bedtime, sleep posture, and temperature in the bed. If you can address these issues, then your sleep should improve.”

– from “Vitality! Sleep Requirements” in Vitality!— How to Create a Life That Is Healthy

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