A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

They think these drugs will help them–>the ritalin and the adderall and the focalin and the vyvanse and the others. They think their problems need a pill that will cure them and make their world rosy. They think there’s something wrong with them because they don’t fit into the little boxes that society has created for them. And they think that they will be better people when they are drugged.

Here’s what Spirit says to all of that–>the drugs are poison and the pushers of these poisons are misguided and even corrupt sometimes. The pushers pretend to care, but their concern is to their own wallets. The drugs are mistaken paths, and they bring trouble in the present or in the future. There is no place in society for these drugs that masquerade as help.

Note: the entire blog post has been spiritually received. Please consider it to be a caring warning from the spiritual world.

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