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The Fetus Smokes Tobacco

baby with cigaretteAn unborn child whose mother smokes tobacco while she is pregnant is a first-hand, once-removed smoker. The unborn child receives the smoke into his or her body, and the smoke strains the life of the child. The damage to the fetus is well-documented scientifically. This blog post is added to explain who is being strained.

The fetus is a feisty being, developing and layering into the child he or she will become. This to-become being absorbs physical, emotional, and nurturing inputs from the mother. The absorption stresses in the presence of tobacco smoke. Obviously, smoke is not entering the fetus, but the smoke triggers changes in the inputs that mimic a smoking being. Tiny smoking fetus is subjected to all the carbon monoxide and nicotine and pesticides and nickel and other damaging ingredients that the mother is subjected to, but the fetus cannot refuse the smoke. The basketful of harmful substances are given to the unborn child, and the unborn child receives them protestingly by changing his or her development.

The changes in development remain with the person throughout his or her life. They cannot be undone.

Tobacco smoke is encompassing: it encompasses the lung capacity and it encompasses the excuse-making capacity.


Note: Some of the information in this post has been scientifically investigated. Some of the information is divinely inspired.

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