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Sleeping with the Nanny


Another headline blares the news that a celebrity couple is divorcing because the husband slept with the nanny.

What does Spiritual Presence have to say about this situation? (I was curious, and so I asked.)

Close proximity triggers hormonal activity. That is why coworkers pair up and the frolickers at parties hook up. The hormonal activity creates desire. The situation in which a household welcomes a nanny into its midst is a fluctuating arrangement in which hormonal messaging misdirects.

When the nanny is stable in her outside relationships, the hormonal messaging misdirects, but is non-connecting.  The husband and wife might experience unintentional disturbance from the nanny, but her hormonal influence is surmountable.

If the nanny is responsive (because she is relationship-free and is desirous of attachment), the hormonal messaging that is misdirected can cause distancing of the couple. The husband and wife distance emotionally and subconsciously, and the unstable relationship requires investment to restore stability. The nanny intentionally or unintentionally upsets the balance, and she can contribute to the restored stability when she creates a relationship external to the household.

Hormonal functioning for each of the affected parties (husband, wife, nanny, teenaged children) varies depending on stage of life and cycle position: pregnancy, post-birth, lactating, menstruating, and testosterone oscillation. Each of these influences affects the possibility of nanny-husband hookup.

Understanding that hormones contribute to the travails in a relationship, helps a couple keep their marriage stable. Understanding that the hormones of an outsider influence the marriage, helps a couple choose the nanny who is being hired to care for their beloved children.

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