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Entertainment through performance

Post 107-entertainment

Music, art, slapstick, drama, literature, dance, and other forms of entertainment.  All are created by people for people. Experiencing entertainment is soul-fulfilling. Creating entertainment is soul exercise because the soul requires the stretch of the imagination and the melody of the breeze. Any form of entertainment that is awakening for the soul is soul exercise.

From the book of poetry, Unfolding:

The Small Theater

      Movies, plays, and artistic performances
Blossom at the small theater.

      Audience interactions—
Among themselves and with the performance,
Creating a shared sense of experience,
A shared sense of time.

The small theater.
Calling people out of their homes.
Providing opportunity to interact,
Providing opportunity to connect.

Entertainment is naturally built-in. People are drawn to others’ antics. People are drawn to others’ doings. The soul wants entertainment, and the best way to get it is to be entertaining. To oneself and to others!

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