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Beyond the Reflection—Masks of Physical Beauty

Physical beauty

Physical beauty.
Physical beauty has advantages. The physically beautiful receive attention, better treatment, and proposals. Beauty attracts admirers, opportunities, and jealousy. Beauty offers shortcuts and overlooked faults. Beauty even hides inner turmoil and inner conceit.

Inner beauty.
Inner beauty has advantages. Beautiful inside means embracing talents, humility, and differentness. Beautiful inside is knowing when to step in and when to step back. Inner beauty bestows kindness and awareness.

Inner beauty affects outer appearance through facial expressions and through spoken awareness of others. Inner beauty does not improve looks nor alter unwanted body construction.

Inner beauty can influence physical appearance by affecting the way others see the person. There is an intangible quality that surrounds inner beauty which is received by those who can feel it. To feel the loveliness of inner beauty observers look beyond features and they sense support.

Physical beauty is an outer feature. It is affected by genetics, current fashions, and body care. Physical beauty acts as a mask when inside lies self-absorption, conceit, and indifference. Physical beauty acts as a mask when inside lies self-doubt, impatience, and fear. Physical beauty acts as a mask for inner beauty as well.

Seeing beyond the reflection in the mirror requires desire to see beyond the apparent, to see beyond the masks.

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