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Postpartum Depression

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I was fortunate to deliver three healthy babies. After the second delivery, my baby was fed formula in the hospital (unbeknownst to me) and he wouldn’t nurse properly. On the second day in the hospital, I became angry and sad, and when I found out about the formula feedings, I hit the ceiling and created quite a scene at the hospital. They stopped feeding him the formula and I began breastfeeding him exclusively. I was still angry and sad, and blew up at the head doctor on the third day. Within two weeks of going home, I returned to a more stable state.

I mention this episode in my life, because it bordered on postpartum depression. I had hints of this depressive state, and I can vouch that it is best avoided.

Here is what Spiritual Presence has to say about postpartum depression:

  • Not breastfeeding the baby can contribute to postpartum depression.
  • Not holding the baby during the first 24 hours of life can contribute to postpartum depression.
  • Not speaking to the baby at regular intervals during the first 36 hours of life can contribute to postpartum depression.
  • Not hearing the baby regularly during the first 40 hours of life can contribute to postpartum depression (does not apply to deaf mothers).

After the first few days of life, additional factors can contribute to postpartum depression:

  • Insufficient sleep
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Insufficient time with the baby

If all of the above factors do not take place, postpartum depression can set in because of these factors:

  • Consumption of too much sugar
  • Too much activity that overwroughts the mother

After two weeks, postpartum depression can still set in because of this factor:

  • Cruel words by a loved one to the new mother

A new mother, whether the baby is her first or her fifth, is mending physically, emotionally, and realistically (adjusting to her new reality). Ensuring that the things listed above don’t happen is the best defense against postpartum depression.

Note: All of the information here has been spiritually received.

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