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Post 30 luck

Does luck exist?

Answer:  “Luck does not exist. Luck is used to explain good or bad fortune, to ward off the evil eye or other such spirits, to water down achievement. Rather than attribute life happenings to the true causes, people often attribute them to luck. As if it’s not in our hands. True, things happen that are not in our hands. Natural disasters are not in our hands. The behavior of the environment, of animals, of the weather, of fire, are often beyond our control. Then timing comes to the fore. Being where the disaster occurs, not being where the disaster occurs—timing matters.”

—from “Luck! What Luck?” in Book #2.

 Does luck truly govern our existence?

Answer:  “When something bad happens to a person, it is easier to say “I have bad luck” than to say “I wasn’t prepared” or “I was responsible”. Much easier to be happened to than to be happened because of. Much easier to let go of the resulting havoc than to accept personal involvement.  Much easier to assign to something outside, something amorphous, than to acknowledge, admit, embrace one’s own involvement in the lackluster performance, mistake, or mess. Luck is the recipient of ownership when the real owner is unable, too modest, or too embarrassed to claim title.”

—from “Luck! What Luck?” in Book #2.

What is luck really?

Answer:  “Attitude. Timing. Cause and effect.”

—from “Luck! What Luck?” in Book #2.

Each of these influences, together, create the reality that is our life.

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