A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

vegetable platter

The food arrives.

See it, truly see it!
See the colors and the shapes. See the savoring and the nourishment.

Smell it, truly smell it!
Notice the separateness and the combination.

Taste it, truly taste it!
Put a small amount on your tongue and then feel it in your mouth. Feel the texture and the flavor. Let the sensation of first bite awaken the appetite for more to come.

Eat with enjoyment. Savor the process. Chew and move the food in your mouth deliberately, tasting the mouthfuls, one after the other. Notice the swallowing. Swallow completely and then take another bite.

Notice fullness. Notice messages from the body about satiety, discomfort, and contentment. When satiety is reached, refrain from eating more. If discomfort is felt, examine the food choice and remember. When contentment happens during or after a meal, pause and breathe deeply, letting the positivity fill your body in an intangible way. The food is fuel for your physical body and inspiration for your beyond physicality body.

This way of eating is appropriate for all meals that are eaten while sitting at a table. (Eating in a car or other moving vehicle, while walking, or standing by the fridge will not provide the same nourishment—even if the food is nutritious.)

“Moving beyond survival, the eating experience can be sad and disappointing or can be full of joy and laughter. Much depends on our attitude and on our desire to be well.” … from “Vitality! How to Create a Life That Is Healthy”

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  1. The Sustainabilitist said:

    hmm….that’s a bit too sensual for us 🙂

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