A Balanced Approach to Wellness!



Secrets. Thoughts. Emotions. Worries.
Hiding away in the crevices of our minds. Jumping out of their hiding places when we purposely retrieve them or accidently let them surface. Reminding us of desires or events or suspicions or fears that we prefer to hide or forget or ignore or overcome.

Thoughts distinguish each person. We all think about matters that enter our lives, and our thinking is individualized, like a fingerprint. Each person with fascinating thoughts about life, living, and edge-existence (edge-existence is awareness of oneself as a part of larger-than-self [nature] and of oneself connected to beyond-self [the spiritual realm]). Thoughts that seem too unusual are kept closeted unless the person has a secure sense of rightness.

Hidden away are the actions and thoughts that cause embarrassment, excitement, and anguish. They influence behavior even though they are meant to be buried. Each person has secrets that simmer. The simmering lessens or boils over depending upon availability of nonjudgmental support, the urgency to unload sequestered information, and the closeness of death.

All people experience life emotionally. Emotions are extensions of awareness. Awareness of one’s environment and one’s physical state elicit emotional responses. People whose emotions are nonexistent or are uncontrollable have suffered a trauma—through genetics or through injury. People whose emotions are denied by themselves often suffer from chronic illnesses that cannot be explained. Emotions reflect dynamism, and hiding them impact intellectual and physical health.

Accidents can happen and misfortune can befall, but constant worrying about these things causes stunted development. Pretending not to worry, while secretly worrying, causes stunted development and inability to reach potential. Worrying is a result of fearful upbringing. Closeted worries require determination to release them.

The opening for repressed baggage is acknowledgement.

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