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Today I received a lovely holiday basket nestled in a large cardboard box and secured with a bountiful supply of bubble wrap. The basket was wrapped well with thick plastic wrap and the gift items were displayed individually on a wide basket that had plenty of shredded filler paper. Included in the gift items were individually wrapped and several-items-together treats. Also, a lovely ribbon encircled the thick plastic wrap that encircled the basket and gift items.

I recycled what could be recycled and threw away what could not be recycled. I have eaten—and enjoyed—some of the items, and will enjoy the others later this week.

Here is a message from Spiritual Presence about all the packaging (not just on my gift):

STOP! Too much waste. Too much selfish thinking. Stop creating things that require wasteful packaging. Stop using large boxes to encase small items. Stop wasting paper and plastic. Stop thinking that fancy is better than plain. Use simple wrapping materials. Be willing to like less rather than more. Be willing to demand simple. Take a stand. Honor the environment.

Tips to reduce packaging

  • Use reusable bags when shopping.
  • Use reusable bags when buying produce.
  • Use your own containers at stores that sell by bulk.
  • When packaging items, use as little packaging materials as possible. Remember that very few people appreciate the shredded filler paper and the fancy tissue paper.
  • Consider the environment each time you package something and when you order something that will be delivered in a package.
  • At restaurants, order less food so you don’t require packaging for food to be taken home.
  • Favor restaurants that use non-disposable plates, cups, cutlery, etc.

Comments on: "Packaging" (2)

  1. carol goldgeier said:

    We save color pictures and lettering from newspapers and use them for wrapping paper. We personalize our wrapping paper by picking pictures that relate to the person or present being wrapped. We use cut out letters and words to write greeting and wishes on the wrapped present. We have found that this method saves and recycles material and gives a personal touch to the present.

    • Your efforts to recycle are what more people should be doing. Perhaps your ideas will be helpful to other blog readers. Thanks, Carol.

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