A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


While in LA, I had the opportunity to amble at the LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

This zoo is lush with vegetation. The atmosphere from the luscious greenery fills the zoo with a sense of growth and protection. The gardens cause visitors to walk a bit more slowly and to breathe a bit more deeply.

The zoo is a humane zoo that cares for its residents in an obviously protective manner. The animals have “homes” that suit them in landscaping, but not in size. Of course, the animals would be better off in their natural habitats, but the natural habitats are often unsafe for them because of people-inflicted damage. The zoo strives to create a normal living space for each animal, and in most cases, succeeds. The animals are content, and so the zoo is focused in the right direction.

The atmosphere at the zoo influences the attendees. These visitors become less me-focused and more other-aware as they move from animal home to animal home. In general, the atmosphere among the visitors is one of friendliness and camaraderie.

Kudos to the LA Zoo!

Ambling at the Zoo

Seeing the zoo requires
desire to connect.

Animal viewing
Animal antics
Animal entertainment

Ambling at the zoo
is the way to see the zoo.

From here to there,
skipping is allowed.

Desire to connect
brings connection to self.

Feeling the animals’ energy
adds energy to the observer.

I + Them = energy

See the animals and be amazed!

This poem is from the upcoming book of poetry named “Unfolding”.

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