A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

The magic pill

Post 106 personal resistance

I have been guiding people towards balance through Energy Guidance Complete. This work involves people making changes in their habits and in their choices. This approach requires a positive spirit and willingness to change.

When people apply the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete, their symptoms abate and their goals become reachable.

Here’s the amazing aspect of my work–and by amazing I mean that I am shaking my head with disbelief–when presented with healing that requires a willing spirit and desire for health, too many choose to remain afflicted and floundering. Too many want me to say a magic sentence and all will be right for them. Too many want me to tell them a secret cure to fix all ails. Too many want to be well without changing a thing. Too many want to be svelte without putting down the fork and stuffing their mouths with worthless and damaging edible things that masquerade as food. Too many prefer to give their kids a pill rather than make them eat breakfast every morning. Too many want ease.

Promises of an easy life come from marketing blurbs and diet supplements. Real life requires investment in proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and daily exercise. And community service and time for friends.

The magic pill is loving oneself and living a life that exudes this love. This magic pill comes with the following instructions:

  1. Keep a positive attitude and complain less.
  2. Breathe more deeply and stand straighter.
  3. Acknowledge ability to be well and pursue wellness.

Energy Guidance Complete is spiritually guided healing that requires each person to invest in themselves. With spiritual guidance amazing changes can happen, but taking part by the individual causes the amazing changes to become reality.

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