A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


There is a woman I know who complains whenever she gets the chance. Nothing and no one is off limits from her fault finding. There is another woman I know who suffers from debilitating pain and who has experienced much more suffering than the woman who always complains, yet she never complains.

“…life is amazing and large, and should be embraced.”

“People are constantly forced to make choices throughout their day.”

“Much depends on our attitude and on our desire to be well.”

To complain or not to complain?

Complaining is easier than accepting responsibility or accepting things that didn’t go the way we wanted. Complaining leads to less awareness of others and to over-focus on oneself. The more a person complains, the less he or she lives peacefully.

Living peacefully

Living as though the events that befall can be handled with neutrality and insightfulness. Understanding that there are ebbs that test our strength and simple joys that overwhelm. Raising concern when injustice occurs and when unwellness or health require care. Remaining faithful when circumstances test faith.

Ways to curb complaining

  1. When you catch yourself about to complain, breathe deeply then breathe more deeply until the desire to complain passes.
  2. Fix what can be fixed.
  3. Help a cause or an organization that helps people with handicaps, helps animal welfare, or helps sustain the environment.

“The feeling of life in one’s body is an extraordinary feeling. Noticing the feeling of being alive, of being awake, of being vital. Amazing!”

The quotes in this blog post are from Vitality! How to Create a Life That Is Healthy.


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