A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

cover for Exploring EGC

In Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey I describe my awakening to my connection with Spiritual Presence and to the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete. In my journey towards personal balance and my work as a spiritual healer, I require facing many aspects of life, and these aspects are presented in the book because they have relevance for all people who seek well-being.

Here are snippets from the book:

  • From the topic “Willingness to Blossom”:

The willingness to blossom is not built in. It is a conscious decision that each person makes. It doesn’t mean succeeding; it means being open to succeeding. It means having a sense of purpose and making the purpose a priority.

  • From the topic “Life Uplifted”:

Here are my life-uplifting activities: Spiritual Presence awareness, writing about Spiritual Presence, connecting people to balance and healing,…dancing: with my dance-class women, at live music performances, during Energy Guidance Complete sessions, alone while listening to music that is lively or meaningful…watching my children evolve…caring for my garden, my home, other people…”

  • From the topic “Connecting to Curiosity and Fascination”:

When people connect to the environment, they ground themselves. When people connect to animals, they entertain themselves. When people connect to other people, they understand themselves.

  • From the topic”Not-difficulty in Life”:

“One can learn to positively understand one’s life by noticing the minor unencumbered moments and consciously remembering to let them leave a quiet, subtle impression. The accumulation of these positive and soft impressions raise and balance attitude.” Pond a Connected Existence reminds us to see the not-difficulty in the chapter “Moment”.

Noticing all the small successes and eases that accompany life bring gratitude and calmness. For most people, the small successes and eases far out-weigh the irritations and stumbling blocks. Focusing on how often things go right helps when things don’t. Remembering to feel appreciative when daily life runs smoothly helps create a kind and healthy person.

  • From the topic “My Journey”

Awareness of a new direction nudged me, and I began to write additional information I received. This information started as separate essays. After writing several essays, I understood that something larger was being written. These wisdom essays became the first volume in the “Existence-Me Elevated Living” book series. I understood that I would be writing a series of seven books.

The first one was especially exciting to write, for I was amazed at each word that materialized from my questioning. I learned to ask questions in a focused manner, and the words began to flow onto the computer.

(From the beginning of the topic) My path was not forced on me, but societal and family pressures led me to walk a route that was not my own. Growing up in a family that valued conformity and security led me to studies that weren’t appropriate for my natural talents, to suppression of my true desires for traveling and exploration, and to choice-making that was for someone other than me. I learned that being not-too-outspoken and not-too-ready-to-express-creative-thoughts elicited approval and admiration.


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