A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

invasive items

Technology has enabled us to continuously harm ourselves by creating wearable invasive gadgets. Smartphones that are constantly in our hands and next to our ears, in our pockets near sensitive organs, and even in bras and undergarments. Smart watches that are constantly attached, near our bones and our pulse points. Smart glasses that sit near our brains! And more wearable invasive items are in development.

These gadgets are seemingly helpful to us. In reality, they harm us in ways that are yet unknown. The harm depends on how long the invasive items are next to us and on our ability to battle the effects.

The strategy for minimizing the damage is to keep the “smart” items as far away from our bodies as possible. The easiest way is to not buy the wearable items. As for smartphones, keeping them in away-from-the-body containers is best. Pockets are too close, much too close. As is holding them all the time.

Using technology is fine when we use it wisely. Using technology wisely is the challenge.

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