A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

celebration(taken from my article of the same name on Healing.Answers.com  )

People tend to celebrate events that are milestones defined by society: birth, coming-of-age, marriage, specific birthdays and anniversaries, graduation, promotions, etc. These events are deserved of celebration, and are not the subject of this blog post.

Achievements such as finishing a small project, reaching a minor goal, learning a new skill, performing a feared task, relinquishing an old hurt, connecting in a spiritual way, changing a career, weeding the garden and not using poison to kill the weeds, resisting ease for quality, resisting the appeal of time wasters, and reviving a meaningful relationship should be noted and cele-vated (celebrate + elevate). Raised up to deserve celebration. Celebrated because we have elevated ourselves.

Let’s look at examples of achievements that should be celevated and possible celebrations.

Performing a feared task is an achievement that should be celevated

When we carry fears from real or imagined reasoning, the fears constrict us. When we decide to release a fear, our mind must release the thoughts that had been occupied with the fear. The celebration for performing a feared task?

  1. Acknowledge that the feared task was performed by either saying so out loud or by writing it.
  2. Hold your hands together and say “I did it!” or something similar. While you do that, smile and feel the achievement.
  3. Do one or more movements, like a little victory dance, which will release any bodily tension that arose from performing the task.
Reviving a meaningful relationship is an achievement that should be celevated

Often, time passes without us realizing that we didn’t make time for someone whom we once cherished. When we decide to revive a meaningful relationship, our minds must release any guilt that existed from feelings of non-trueness to this person. The celebration for reviving a meaningful relationship?

  1. After initial contact has been made (through writing or speaking), acknowledge that you are proud of yourself for taking the steps to renew this friendship and breathe deeply for a minute or two.
  2. After additional contact, hold your hands together and say “I did it!” or something similar. While you do that, smile and feel the achievement.
Resisting ease for quality is an achievement that should be celevated

There are many examples of resisting ease for quality. Making a pizza from scratch rather than buying a pizza from the pizza delivery service is one example. Eating a meal on dishes rather than using disposables is another example. Even though this achievement can be a daily or even hourly event, it should be elevated and celebrated!

  1. Reminding ourselves that our “sacrifices” bring rewards is the first step towards celevation.
  2. A general celebration could be patting ourselves on the back (literally) after the achievement has been completed. Specific celebrations for specific achievements can simply be finding ways to savor the moments spent in quality living.
In Energy Guidance Complete sessions

During Energy Guidance Complete sessions, I sometimes ask people to consider their large and small achievements. People tend to overlook their achievements, and they usually have trouble remembering more than ten. In actuality, the remembered achievements should number over fifty (depending on age).


Each achievement should be marked in some tangible way so that we become aware of the things we do to raise our lives. The celevation is a way to remind ourselves that purposeful and substantial living occurs in our lives daily, and this awareness should push us towards being more loving and accepting of ourselves and of others.

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