A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Leadership 1

With debates and fundraising in the U.S. inspiring judgmental commentary on social media, leadership and responses to leaders are going to be the topics in a series of blog posts.

Let’s start with a quote from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort:

“In order to develop and maintain a healthy society, individual members must strive for balance. They must hold themselves accountable and must hold their society accountable. They must not expect more from their leaders than they do from themselves. THEY MUST NOT EXPECT MORE FROM THEIR LEADERS THAN THEY DO FROM THEMSELVES. Leaders are simply a reflection of the society they lead, no better, no worse. However, leaders must strive to balance themselves, especially when they are tempted by the benefits that come from being leaders.”

(color, underline, and bold added for emphasis)

Leaders live like other people, with difficulties and accomplishments, just like other people They are not superhuman and they are not above other people. They make mistakes and they change their minds, just like everyone else.

Leaders are people who “…pursue public roles when they are motivated by internal desire and strength, communal support, admired role models, peer pressure, or acquisition of power.”

Leaders take on leadership roles for many reasons, and each leader is an individual with individual motivation and individual goals. The people who choose to dedicate their lives to public service are placing themselves in positions of power and ridicule, privilege and expectation of purer behavior. Each leader must be evaluated on his or her own merits and must live according to societal rules and mores.

Judgmental attitudes towards leaders is harmful to the people who deliver the cruel and deriding commentary. Before judging leaders, a person must judge himself or herself to see if he or she holds to the standards expected of the leaders. If not, then judgement is the wrong stance. Better to approach leaders with openmindedness and self-worth. Better to approach with curiosity and self-confidence.  Individual members of society must not expect more from their leaders than they do from themselves.


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