A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


There is a video circulating on the Internet of a 90-year-old woman who dances with several men. The video isn’t amazing because the woman is doing extraordinary gymnastic moves while she dances. It’s amazing because she is moving without signs of aging, with suppleness and with youthfulness. Her joy in moving is apparent and her enjoyment of the dance is catching.

After watching that video, I immediately got up and danced. No dance partners magically appeared, but I danced with a smile and I danced with lightness in my steps.

After I danced, I paused and considered the older people I know. None of them display the agility of the woman in the video. They seem more stuck in the accumulation of their years.

My curiosity led me to consult with Spiritual Presence, and so I asked “What is the secret to her joy?” “What keeps her youthful?” Through my asking technique, I worked out this answer:  “She returns her anticipation.”  What does that mean?  The answer is the subject of this blog post. Now I’m going to work out the meaning.

She returns her anticipation

This woman has not lived a life that was trouble-free or worriless. On the contrary, her life was filled with hardship and struggles. Three things she did throughout her life were to keep moving, keep smiling, and keep anticipating.

She anticipated the next day and the day after. She anticipated forbearance and she anticipated solutions. Her anticipation kept her open and curious. Her anticipation kept her spirits up and her worries down. Even today, as she ages and wrinkles, this woman grasps the possibilities that each day brings. Her anticipation of life ignites those around her and her infectious nature is returned to her by those who reflect it back at her.

The secret to youthful aging

And so, for all who are searching for the key to youthful aging, the secret is not in plastic surgery or special creams or anti-aging treatments. The secret to youthful aging is to return the anticipation. Anticipation of life adds twinkling to the eyes and lightness to the steps!

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