A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Leadership 3

Each leader draws from sources that inspire, direct, or necessitate:

  • Inspirational sources can be causes held dear or leaders held in esteem.
  • Direction converges from many sources, some that encourage inspirational acts and some that press destructive leadership.
  • Necessity creates leaders when need is recognized and heeded.

Many influences prod, stall, pull, and mold leaders. (Influences here refer to parents, spouse, children, siblings, extended family, friends, supporters, and community connections.) The influences have their own direction and pressures. The needs of the various influences determine the force and power of the influences on the leaders.

A leader who is in the leadership position because of influence from negative sources leads from a place of resignation and insecurity. This leader can harm community welfare and trust. This leader’s purpose is tentative and quickly forgotten. If negative forces continue to influence, the leader may lose focus completely or may try to rectify past actions.

A leader who is in place when necessity arises or when no one else will lead, is a leader who has potential. The act of stepping forward forces leadership action that can propel towards effective leadership. If this leader receives self-derived encouragement and encouragement from involved people, the leadership experience can be positive and rewarding for others and for the reluctant leader.

When the experience of being led by an inspiring leader ignites others to become leaders, these subsequent leaders can also become inspirational if they adapt the positive leadership qualities to themselves. When a strongly felt cause leads to leadership as a way to bring change, the leader can be inspirational if he or she can adapt the drive to bring change in one direction to many directions.

The sources of purpose, that is, the influences that inspire, direct, and force leadership, are similar to natural elements that push growth and development. Leadership is a natural aspect of human development.

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