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Note: The source of the information provided here is divine inspiration. The information has not been scientifically verified.

Autism is discussed in two earlier posts: “Awe-tism” https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/31/awe-tism/ and “Awe-tism Reality” https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/09/12/awe-tism-reality/.

Today’s post looks at the view of autism from the position of the caregivers. In the post “Awe-tism”, the following statement is made about the caregivers:

“Those who live with people that present autistic characteristics are determined, overwhelmed, searching, and/or sad.”

Determination is necessary for handling the daily uncertainty that comes with autism. Feeling overwhelmed occurs when autism presents its difficult reactions. Searching, searching for answers, searching for help, they are always searching for ways to make life better for the one afflicted with autism. Sadness is an undercurrent for oneself, one’s family, and the one afflicted with autism.

People who live with autism in their family treat their autistic one according to their own sense of how the person should be treated and according to advice from those who have studied autism.  The trouble with following the advice from those who have studied autism is that

“Those who study the phenomenon of autism are confused and unsure.”

Many theories abound about how to handle autism, but correct they often are not. The caregivers end up being worn down and discouraged. Not all, but many.

Caregivers learn to appreciate small gestures and moments of connection. Caregivers must treat themselves kindly and live for themselves as well. Caregivers must remember to see their autistic care as a person with differences rather than as a person with difficulties.

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