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Note: The source of the information provided here is divine inspiration. The information has not been scientifically verified.

Those who study the phenomenon of autism are confused and unsure. Those who live with people that present autistic characteristics are determined, overwhelmed, searching, and/or sad. Those who have the autistic presentations are diSTraCteD, kaleidoshcopic, d r i v e n, sensitive, and companionship-aware.

The causes of autism are partially in utero and partially after birth. In utero causes are smoking tobacco, nutrition that decreases estrogen (for example, too little phytoestrogens during pregnancy or too much calcium lactate before and during pregnancy), injury to the cervix after the fourth month, and contracting a certain virus during pregnancy (not a cold or flu virus).

An infant can display autistic presentation soon after birth if one or more causes of the autism occurred in utero. Each cause does not affect every infant. If that were the case, all mothers who smoke during pregnancy would have an autistic child. No, there is something else, something beyond physicality that determines autistic presentation. It is related to the mother’s emotional well-being and to her feelings of security and acceptance. Without these emotional safeguards, the mother cannot protect her fetus from the onslaught of autism instigators. The mother does not have to be happy at all times during her pregnancy to protect her fetus, but if she is emotionally fragile at the moment the autism cause occurs (or in the case of smoking and decreased estrogen, at the moment that the amount reaches the too-much or too-little point), autistic presentation will most likely develop.

Post-birth, an infant who has not experienced any of the in utero causes can still develop autistic tendencies because of allergies to formula or other supplemental nutrition (supplemental to breast milk) and respiratory malfunctioning. These causes depend upon the health of the infant and his or her own emotional well-being. If the infant has autistic presentation from in utero causes, post-birth causes can deepen the autistic presentation.

Autism is new: new name, new causes, new awareness. Autism existed before the official diagnosis, but it was less widespread, less afflicting. The new causes did not exist then. They have developed with technology. They have developed with changes in society.

To protect against autism, a mother must not smoke during her pregnancy. She must eat foods containing phytoestrogens (in moderation) to supplement her body’s need for increased estrogen. She must not use products containing calcium lactate during and a year before her pregnancy. She must strive to stay healthy by eating properly, exercising wisely, and surrounding herself with supportive people. After the baby is born, breastmilk should be the food of choice rather than formula.

Autism won’t occur when all these safeguards are in place. Other afflictions can happen, but not autism.

The next post about autism will be about lessening autistic presentation.


The reality of autism is discussed in this post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/09/12/awe-tism-reality/. Caregivers are discussed in this post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/09/16/awe-tism-to-caregivers/

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