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Animals in a zoo

I was asked why I wrote a play about zoo animals.

The lives of animals in a zoo and petting zoo are not usually the focus of entertainment, so a play is a good medium for sharing how animals feel. We look at animals when we visit a zoo and we may wonder about their lives, but we don’t know how they feel–until we read or watch this play. As with all my Energy Guidance Complete writing, I was directed to write Zoo Conversations so that is why I wrote it.

Here’s what the (human) Narrator has to say in Zoo Conversations:

NARRATOR:  If only we could return each animal to its natural home.
To eat and roam in freedom,
To live as designed,
With fear from natural predators,
And with contentment from natural surroundings.
But the natural surroundings are changing
Through people’s involvement.
And the natural surroundings are threatened
As are the animals’ lives.
To live enclosed is to live partially
But to live enclosed means remaining alive.
Zoos are a way of righting the wrongs.
The more we support them,
The more they can support the animals.
Please…support humane zoos.

If you would like to understand how animals in a zoo really feel, read Zoo Conversations:

zoo conversations

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