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A play about zoo animals from the viewpoint of the animals

Animals in a zoo

I was asked why I wrote a play about zoo animals.

The lives of animals in a zoo and petting zoo are not usually the focus of entertainment, so a play is a good medium for sharing how animals feel. We look at animals when we visit a zoo and we may wonder about their lives, but we don’t know how they feel–until we read or watch this play. As with all my Energy Guidance Complete writing, I was directed to write Zoo Conversations so that is why I wrote it.

Here’s what the (human) Narrator has to say in Zoo Conversations:

NARRATOR:  If only we could return each animal to its natural home.
To eat and roam in freedom,
To live as designed,
With fear from natural predators,
And with contentment from natural surroundings.
But the natural surroundings are changing
Through people’s involvement.
And the natural surroundings are threatened
As are the animals’ lives.
To live enclosed is to live partially
But to live enclosed means remaining alive.
Zoos are a way of righting the wrongs.
The more we support them,
The more they can support the animals.
Please…support humane zoos.

If you would like to understand how animals in a zoo really feel, read Zoo Conversations:

zoo conversations

“Zoo Conversations—Giving Voices to the Animals, A Play” has been published!



zoo conversations

I am pleased to announce that “Zoo Conversations” has been published on amazon.com. In this short play, the lives of ten animals living in a zoo are explored, as well as the frustrations of the dedicated people working at zoos. “Zoo Conversations” is a play for young and old. It brings to light the challenges for those who care for the animals and the challenges for the animals themselves.

Here is the Shetland Pony’s tale:

The Shetland Pony

(The Shetland pony sticks out a leg where it can be seen, then draws it back. She peeks out and then hides. She walks in a big circle around the spotlight and then stands just out of the spotlight, but looking at the audience.)

SHETLAND PONY:  The food is here, right? Staying away is better for me, but I want to eat. I will talk to you, but only if you feed me. I prefer to be with my type and not with the animals that put heavy things on me and pull me.

I like to do things at my speed, fast or slow depending on how I feel. I feel different speeds when I am tired or hungry or with others.

When I am with others like me, I am as I should be. I run and I jump and I do what the others like me do. I am sure when I am with others like me.

I am not as I should be when the other animals put me in a place by myself. Why do they put me by myself? I am slow when I am by myself. When I am with the others, I am fast and comfortable. When I am with the others, I am sure.

Many animals sit on me. Sometimes, the animals that sit on me give me food. I like when they give me food. Some of the animals that sit on me are quiet and touch me with softness. I like them.

Some of the animals that sit on me are loud and pulling. I move away from them when I can. The animals that pull are not wanted. I am slow with them because they have strength and ropes.


The food is for me, right? I will eat it now.

(The Shetland pony enters the spotlight where the trough of food is located, lowers her head into the trough and eats. She then turns around, without looking at the audience, and walks out.)

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