A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


I recently returned from a reunion for my husband’s youth group class. Many years have passed since these people were together, but the years fell away and the friendships were rekindled. The reunion reminds me of the following poem from the book Unfolding—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry:

Where Friendship Blooms

We walked in the park
My friends and I
We talked of past joys
And we talked of old fears.

We walked in the park
Slower than before
Youthful expectation fulfilled
Again, close connections rekindled.

Laughter and sadness and
Triumphs and defeats.
Together at times, but
Separate most often.

Youth offers opportunities
To acquire friends and more friends.
Time and experiences
Test the strength of the ties.

Ties that bind and support
Through the years fray or thicken.
The ties that continue
Give comfort, health, and joy.

We walked in the park
My friends and I.

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