A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Gift of nature


 “Living with compassion and with understanding lends color to life, adds substance and texture to being…‘Helping those who need help!’…Compassionately approaching, the preferred approach, relieves tension, balances health…‘Spending time with loved ones! Playing with babies! Teaching children in the customs and traditions of one’s forebears!’…pitching in, helping out, lifting up…‘Watching animals! Caring for pets! Preventing abuse of animals! ‘” – from “Oneself-Living” and “Pond a Connected Existence”

The outline of nature is the framework for connected living. The outline of nature has headings and symmetry and subdivisions. Rules and extensions bound the experience of living within the outline. Definitions and relationships fit within Nature’s outline, deviating when dramatic conferral occurs. The entirety of creatures with vegetation is a cyclical, rhythmic composition.

Connected living requires seeing the participation of all the parts. Living within the seasons and within the boundaries of the lightness and the darkness bring the body into alignment with melodious cycling of life and death. Recognizing that part of all is me brings overwhelming satisfaction and calm.

There are magical moments that occur when Nature’s outline is recognized and received!

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